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NSW Labor Enabled was established in 2019 to ensure that there was an active voice within the NSW Labor Party in regards to People with Disabilities. The Labor Party has fought for better support and services for People with Disabilities, however without a specific base on members to draw on, it has been difficult to ensure that our voices are heard and that all bases are covered.

NSW Labor Enabled works to change that. We know that the Labor Party is the only party that will form government that cares about People with Disabilities, and we also know that People with Disabilities are often left out of the conversation when it comes to issues that affect us. We seek to change that by fighting for an accessible party, as well as ensuring that we are listened to, and that there are People with Disabilities active within NSW Labor.

NSW Labor subscribes to the Social Model of Disability. This means that we believe that Disability isn't something that needs to be 'cured' but rather society needs to ensure that we are treated with equity. That means that society needs to be fully accessible to all, regardless of their Disability. NSW Labor Enabled believes that an accessible NSW benefits everyone, not just People with Disabilities.

NSW Labor Enabled is a part of the National Labor Enabled Network


Advocate. Include. Empower

NSW Labor is an organisation that is by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities. We work to ensure there is proper consultation on all issues that affect us and our diverse range of members. We fight for change within the NSW Labor Party platform, we commit to making sure that there are ways to engage with the Labor Party to ensure that all people can be active, and we ensure all of our members have the skills they need to do so.


NSW Labor Enabled is currently in the midst of setting up its executive. We have several positions available, if you are interested please get involved. All positions (other than the Carers Officer) can only be filled by people who identify as having lived experience with a disability​.

  • Co-Convenor: John McManus

  • Co-Convenor: AW Shim

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Julian Gonzalez

  • Party Office Liaison Officers: Peta Waller-Bryant & Cody Jones

  • Policy Officer: Nyx Harris

  • Policy Officer: Jolene Doherty

  • Policy Officer: Will Woods

  • Campaigns Officer: Nick Palmer

  • Carers & Policy Officer: Sarah Langston

  • Person of Colour (POC) Officer*: Quang Nguyen

  • Policy Officer: Caroline Cox

*To be filled by a person with disability who is an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person or person of colour.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions or find out more information about what's involved, email NSW Labor Enabled at

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