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The Berejiklian Government recently announced that they would not be supporting the inclusion of Accessibility Standards in the National Construction Code in NSW. This means that any new social or affordable housing built by the NSW Government doesn't have to be accessible for many people with disabilities, as well as seniors and parents with prams.

The waiting list for accessible social housing in NSW is already too long, we urgently need the NSW Government to ensure all newly built social housing is accessible and that existing social housing is regularly upgraded.


NSW Labor supports the Building Better Homes campaign that is fighting for accessible housing for all. You can find their website here, Follow them on twitter here, or go to their facebook here.


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Send a tweet

You can tweet at the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (here), Regulation and Innovation Minister Kevin Anderson (here), and Disability Services Minister Alister Henskens (here) and tell them why we need accessible social housing in NSW.

Make sure you include @BetterHomesAus so they can see your support for the campaign.

Send an email

Email the Minister responsible Kevin Anderson MP about why we need mandatory minimum accessibility standards for social housing in NSW. You can email the Minister here.

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